China has surpassed US in AI and other advanced technologies, ex-US Pentagon software chief

Washington/Beijing – ‘China has already overtaken the United States in advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence’, said Nicolas Chaillan, a former Chief Software Officer in the US. He also warned that the United States would not be able to surpass China in the field of advanced technologies in the next 10-15 years. The former official has blamed private companies and government policies in the United States for this. In the last decade, China had indicated an increase in investment in areas such as information technology and robotics with the announcement of the ambitious ‘Made in China Policy’.


Advanced technology, AI, US, China, Artificial Intelligence,Nicolas Chaillan is the first ‘Chief Software Officer’ to serve in the US Department of Defence. For the past three years, he has been working in the US Air Force in the field of cybersecurity and the usage of advanced technology. However, he resigned because the US administration and the security forces were not very serious regarding cyber security and advanced technology. In his first interview since resigning, he raised the issue of ‘neglect of technology’ by the United States.

‘For the next 15 to 20 years, the United States will not be able to even compete with China in the field of advanced technology. The competition is over and the United States stands no chance of winning. With the power of advanced technology, China will dominate the future of the world. It will include everything from media perspectives to political developments.’, Nicolas Chaillan warned. ‘The United States should have prioritised artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber capabilities rather than spending more on new fighter jets’, he added.

He pointed out that as China continues to invest heavily in artificial intelligence, the United States is busy discussing the rules and ethics in this area. He claimed that China does not bother about such things and Chinese private companies are cooperating fully with their government. At the same time, leading US companies like Google are not keen on working with the government, the former Chief Software Officer noted.

Advanced technology, AI, US, China, Artificial Intelligence,Over the past decade, China has emerged as a major player in technology. From 5G to artificial intelligence, Chinese companies and research are leading the way. There are also many instances where China forces small and weak countries to accept and adopt its technology using its economic might and influence. At the same time, given its dominance in the production of minerals and other raw materials, there are indications that China is taking steps to control technological progress in other countries.

Although the United States has taken steps to curb this Chinese influence, the statements of the former Chief Software Officer Nicolas Chaillan indicate that it is too late.

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