China announces new dam on Brahmaputra to teach India a lesson  

new damBeijing: – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made an emotional appeal for the Indian cooperation, ‘India and China should stop looking at each other with suspicion. China is not an enemy of India.’ Within 24 hours of this appeal, China proved that there was no substance in the appeal. China has decided to build a new dam on the Brahmaputra river, the lifeline of the northeastern Indian states. China is preparing to teach India a lesson with this action. Therefore, China is clearly indicating that there is no expectation of friendship and fellowship with India.  


The Chinese Parliament announced the five-year plan for 2021-2025, and the plan sanctions a new dam on the Brahmaputra river. This dam will be built on the lower part of the Brahmaputra in Tibet, and the river enters India through this region. India and Bangladesh have consistently registered their protests against this project with China. The new decision shows that China has gone ahead with the project without paying any heed to the protests.   

It is being revealed that China will be building a hydroelectric project with a humongous capacity of 60 gigawatts on the Brahmaputra river.  It is being said that this will be the biggest hydroelectric project in the world. To retaliate against these Chinese actions, India also is planning to build a dam on the Brahmaputra river. India had warned a few days ago that this hydroelectric project on the Brahmaputra river is an encroachment on India’s rights. The Indian Jal Shakti Ministry had appealed that China should abide by the international regulations. Two months ago, an article in a Hong Kong-based newspaper had warned that China is starting a water war with India with this dam on the Brahmaputra river.   

Analyst Bertil Lintner claimed, ‘While the Indian and Chinese militaries are involved in a standoff on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, China is trying to show that it can hold the northeastern states at ransom with this dam on the Brahmaputra river. But China will have to face dire consequences of this action. This will trigger a water war between India and China.’ 

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