90 killed in a clash between Yemeni forces and Houthi rebels

Sana: – 90 people were killed in an encounter between the government-affiliated military and the Houthi rebels. This conflict was for claiming the Marib province of Yemen. It is being said that the conflict has resulted in the displacement of thousands of locals. Meanwhile, the Gulf media is pointing out that despite the international community’s appeals, the Houthi rebels have not stopped their attacks in Yemen.  

Marib, to the east of Yemenis capital of Sana, is known to be an oil-rich province. The government and the supporting groups are in control of this province. But the Houthi rebels started attacks, in the last month, on the Yemen military to gain control over the Marib province. The Houthi rebels opened fronts against the Yemen military, at least at six locations. But the intensity of the conflict between the Houthi rebels and the Yemen military increased in the last 24 hours.   

As per the international media sources, 32 soldiers and 58 Houthi rebels were killed in an encounter on Saturday. The Houthi rebels could not wrest control of the Marib province. But concerns are being expressed that the Yemen military is being pushed back from important locations in the province. It is claimed that losing the Marib province to the Houthi rebels will come as a major jolt for the front formed by Saudi Arabia and its Arab allies.  

Refugee camps have already been set up for the people displaced from the Marib province. More than 30,000 displaced people have been rehabilitated in the Sirwah district of the Marib province. But these people had to escape as the Houthi rebels launched attacks on this very region. Therefore, anger is being expressed regarding the Houthi rebels. Meanwhile, the Houthi rebels have started their rebellion against the Saudi Arabian supported Yemen government for the last six years. It is claimed that there have been thousands of casualties in the conflict. At the same time, 3.1 million people have been displaced. The heat of this conflict is felt even in Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia claimed that more than 500 of its citizens had been killed in the Houthi attacks. 

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