Cannot deny possible Bio-War on Indian Army using Coronavirus pandemic, warns a senior Indian Army Official

New Delhi: – Lieutenant General Anup Chatterjee, Chief of the Medical department in the Indian military, warned ‘Until a vaccine or preventive medication is found for the Coronavirus, it can be used for a biological attack on the military.’ A few days ago, Indian Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat had warned that Pakistan will push terrorists with Coronavirus infection into India and carry out a biological attack.

Besides India, the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom and some other developed countries too, have started research in the direction of developing a vaccine for Coronavirus. But no satisfactory solution has been found against the Coronavirus infection, as yet. Lieutenant General Anup Chatterjee, Chief of the Medical department in the Indian military, expressed concerns over the current situation. Lieutenant General Chatterjee warned ‘It cannot be said for sure that the enemy will use the Coronavirus as a weapon to attack the military. But finding a vaccine or preventive medical treatment for the virus is extremely important. Otherwise, the possibility of use of this virus, as a biological weapon, cannot be denied.’

Warnings are being issued that Pakistan is preparing to push terrorists into India. There have been reports that some of these terrorists are infected with Coronavirus. Defence Chief General Rawat also has issued a warning regarding this, while speaking to a news channel. General Rawat had warned that Pakistan wants to spread terrorism and it may use Coronavirus for this purpose. Against this background, the warning coming from a senior medical official from the Indian military becomes significant.

Meanwhile, the military has clarified that all the three wings of the defence forces are prepared to face any challenges posed by biological attacks like Coronavirus or even nuclear and chemical attacks.

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