Cabinet approves construction of hydroelectric project on Chenab river

New Delhi: India had adopted a policy that not a drop of water from the Indian share, will be allowed to flow into Pakistan, after the Uri and Pulwama terror attacks. After that, India has undertaken major dam and hydroelectric projects, on the rivers flowing through Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh. India will be building 850 megawatts, hydroelectric project on the Chenab river, with a capital outlay of ₹52.82 billion. The union cabinet has approved the project on Wednesday. Pakistan keeps raising objections to projects on the Sindhu, Chenab and Jhelum rivers. Against this background, this project becomes important.

Cabinet approves construction of hydroelectric project on Chenab riverThe union cabinet approved the expenditure of ₹52.8194 billion on the 850 megawatts hydroelectric project to be built on the Chenab river, in Jammu-Kashmir. Therefore, India will be able to utilise its entire allocated quota of the Chenab water. This hydroelectric project will generate electricity on a large scale. Moreover, the electricity requirements of the region will be fulfilled. The project will also generate 4,000 indirect employment opportunities.

An agreement has been signed between the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) and Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC), for the hydroelectric project. The new company will be formed with 51% and 49% for NHPC and JKPDC respectively. The company being formed jointly by NHPC and JKPDC has been given a grant of ₹7.7644 billion, by the union government, for equity contribution. Ratle hydroelectric project will be completed in 60 months.

India and Pakistan signed a sharing agreement for the water in the Chenab river, in 1960. Now India will be making full use of its water allocation, as per the agreement. The hydroelectric project built on the Chenab river will be very important from Jammu-Kashmir development point of view. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had warned Pakistan that blood and water could not flow in the same stream, after the Uri attack.

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