Allies respond positively to Biden’s stance against China

Washington: President Joe Biden and his administration has claimed that the United States will stand against the Chinese activities, forming a front with its allies. Anthony Blinken, the Secretary of State in the Biden administration reiterated this during the hearing, in front of the US congressional committee. The allies of the United States have responded positively to the stand of the Biden administration. Senior members of the European Union have said that the proposal presented by Biden will be appropriate. Australian senators also are saying that the proposal of the new US administration is important.

Allies respond positively to Biden’s stance against ChinaAnthony Blinken, appointed as the Secretary of State in the Biden administration, faced a congressional committee hearing on Tuesday. He claimed that it would be effortless for the United States to surpass China. While making this claim, Blinken stated that the United States would take the initiative to activate a front with main allies. The new Secretary of State also said that this front of the United States and its allies would stand firm for democracy and human rights.

Even during his election campaign and in his interviews, New President, Biden indicated to form a front of its partner countries to counter China. Biden had assured to form an independent council of democratic countries, for this purpose. The US allies also have registered a positive intent. Former Canadian Minister Irvin Kotler claimed that if an ‘Inter-governmental Alliance’ is built on the lines of ‘Inter-Parliamentary Alliance’, the Chinese bullying can be countered more effectively.

Allies respond positively to Biden’s stance against ChinaBritish lawmaker Stephen Kinnock said that there is a front against China formed by both the British Parliament parties. Besides, a similar alliance on the international level could make a significant contribution. Kinnock also said that the United Kingdom could assist in creating this front. Australian Senator Kimberley Kitching said that this meeting of the democratic countries has been correctly expressed at the right time to fight China. She claimed that this would allow the Australian government to strengthen the front against China.

Member of the European Parliament, Reinhard Bütikofer, reacted that the front proposed by Biden and its meeting is very appropriate.

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