British government gets aggressive against the pretentious leftism

London: Two weeks ago, the British government, who ordered inquiries against the extreme leftist groups, has made its stand against the groups with a hypocritical leftist ideology more aggressive. Senior Ministers from the government headed by Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has launched an offensive against this ideology. It has said that the hypocritical leftist ideology and cancel culture will not be tolerated.


British government gets aggressive against the pretentious leftismA few days ago, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had ordered inquiries against the aggressive extreme leftist groups infiltrating into the agitations against racism and weather change. Some British lawmakers and Ministers had accused that the extreme leftist groups are responsible for the violent and anarchical incidents during the agitations. While pointing to this, lawmakers from the ruling party had asserted that such groups’ behaviour is unacceptable.

Against all this background, ministers from the Johnson cabinet have indicated firm actions against these groups with hypocritical extreme leftist ideology and the cancel culture. British Education Minister Gavin Williamson has implemented new regulations for educational institutions in the United Kingdom. It notes that all the students enrolled in the British institutions have the freedom to express themselves on all the issues and study any subject they desire. Williamson warned that there is a growing illegal Silence Culture in the British universities, which is adversely affecting the students, teachers and staffers. There is a provision in the new regulations that the students and teachers’ groups cannot impose a ban on any speaker expressing his opinion on any specific ideology.

British government gets aggressive against the pretentious leftismBritish Housing Minister, Christopher Pincher, has written a letter to London Mayer Sadiq Khan, warning to stop splurging public funds on the groups with leftist ideology. London Mayer Sadiq Khan has formed a Black Lives Matter group committee and members supporting leftist ideology. This committee has made an aggressive recommendation for removal of some statues, which are a part of British history, from London. Criticism has already started against it; the strong letter written by the British Ministers is making waves in the United Kingdom. Whereas, British Cultural Minister Oliver Dowden also reminded the agencies responsible for preserving their responsibility’s British culture. These agencies have been assigned the task of preserving the historical and cultural heritages. Dowden warned that there is no reason to change that or give any explanation regarding it.

The Reclaim Party, a newly formed party in the United Kingdom, also has taken an aggressive stand against the hypocritical leftist ideology. Laurence Fox, the party leader, claimed that those supporting the hypocritical leftist ideology are anti-British.

British government gets aggressive against the pretentious leftismHe warned that the British citizens are scared to freely express themselves, on any topic, due to the fear of a social boycott. Meanwhile, The Telegraph, the leading British daily, has published a report regarding the groups linked with the leftist ideology. The report claims that systematic training is being imparted to change the old British stands on race, culture and history. It has been exposed that the groups and institutions imparting this training are linked to the hypocritical leftist ideology.

In many companies and agencies, the pressure is being exerted by these groups to impart this training. But the daily claims in its report that the Johnson government refused to let the government employees undergo such training.

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