Bloodshed in the streets of UK is an emergency, warn police officials

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London: Senior police officials have warned that the bloodshed happening on the streets on the streets of capital London, Birmingham and other cities of the United Kingdom, in broad daylight, is an emergency and the Home Minister needs to take cognisance of this on priority and take corrective steps. Against the background of this warning, a report of the British Child Commissioner has been published which makes a shocking claim that a minimum of 27,000 children has become a part of criminal gangs. While the intelligence and security agencies are indicating a possibility of anarchy over the Brexit issue, this warning from the police officials has added to the challenges faced by the British government.

Bloodshed-streets-UKSince the last two years, it is consistently being reported that the incidence of violent crimes has increased in various parts of the United Kingdom, including capital London. Attacks with knives, daggers and other sharp weapons are being carried out every week in multiple cities, in broad daylight and there is an alarming percentage of youth among the victims. The criminal gangs and the conflicts arising between them because of the clash of interests is the main reason behind these crimes.

While the incidence of violent crimes is increasing, it has been revealed that the funding given by the British government to the police and other security agencies has been reduced. Prime Minister Theresa May and her colleagues faced severe criticism, over the issue. The criticism was answered with a promise that the government would ensure that the funds are not short and even the manpower will be increased. The issue has once again come on the anvil, as Police officials are directly warning the government.

Last year, 135 incidents of attacks with knives and daggers have been reported in the city of London. The sequence of events has continued even in the new year, and 20 such crimes have been reported in one and a half month. Against this background, the police commissioner of the West Midlands warned that this increasing incidence of Knife crime is an emergency at the national level. He warned that the British Home Minister needs to take cognisance of this on priority and more funds and manpower is necessary to control the menace.

The Child commissioner of the United Kingdom has submitted a shocking report, while the police officials are warning of an emergency. According to this report, there are nearly 27,000 children involved with the organised crime syndicates in the country. These gangs and concerns are targeting children that are either school dropouts or are expelled from the schools are being expressed that preference is given to the children in the age group of 10 to 17.

Child Commissioner Anne Longfield criticised that the government did not learn a proper lesson from the cases of sexual crimes that surfaced in the past. She pointed out that the failure in these cases is continuing in the cases regarding the criminal gangs. At the same time, she also claimed that the published statistic could only be 25% of the real number of children involved with criminal gangs.

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