Biden administration’s Afghanistan disaster destroyed US prestige: Blackwater Chief Eric Prince

Washington/Kabul – The ‘disaster’ caused by President Joe Biden’s administration in Afghanistan has destroyed the credibility of the United States on the international level, said Eric Prince, head of the contract military company Blackwater. he added ‘Whatever happens in Afghanistan, whatever remains of NATO, at the moment will be destroyed in the future.’. He also questioned the capabilities of the US military.


Biden administration, Afghanistan, Taliban, Blackwater, Joe Biden‘President Biden was reprimanded in the US Congress. This is the first such instance in US history. We have shattered the confidence of the European allies they had in us. The United States has lost the trust of every ally around the globe, not just its European allies. These range from agents prepared by the CIA to countries that have stood with the United States against China. Prince castigated the Biden administration saying, ‘Everybody, whether a country or an individual, will keep thinking about how the United States hurriedly abandoned its friends in Afghanistan.’.

The head of Blackwater said that the United States is withdrawing hurriedly from Afghanistan, creating a state of great confusion. The US military has been defeated by sixth-century ideologues and with 70-year-old weapons. When the issue comes up, the question arises as to whether the US military has the capability it projects. In an interview with Fox News, Prince claimed that Blackwater’s team had safely evacuated then-US senators Joe Biden, John Kerry and Chuck Hagel from the Taliban’s stronghold in Afghanistan in 2008.

Blackwater is a leading private military contractor in the United States and has been operating since 1997. The company has conducted covert operations for the United States in several countries, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Legal action is also being taken against the company over its operations in Iraq and Libya. In 2017, Eric Prince, the head of Blackwater, proposed that the war in Afghanistan be handed over to private military contractors.

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