Turkey should be prepared for serious consequences for military deployment in Afghanistan, warns Taliban

Kabul: – Taliban threatened that Turkey, which is firm of its decision of keeping its military deployed in Afghanistan, despite repeated warnings, will have to face dire consequences. Last month, the Taliban threatened Turkey for the third time. But the US media have reported that Turkey is firm on its military deployment at the Kabul airport.   


Following the announcement of military withdrawal by US President Joe Biden, the NATO member countries also rapidly withdrew their soldiers from Afghanistan. But Turkey announced that its soldiers would remain in Afghanistan for a few more months. Turkey claimed that this deployment would be for the security of the Kabul international airport.   

But Taliban leadership does not agree with this Turkish deployment. Taliban warned Turkey twice that even if Turkey is an Islamic nation, it is a member of NATO and, therefore, it should withdraw its military from Afghanistan. But after seeing that Turkey is not paying heed to the warnings, the Taliban has issued a direct threat.   

Taliban threatened, ‘The Turkish decision to keep military deployed in Afghanistan is deplorable. If Turkey maintains its decision and continues with intrusion into our country, Turkey will be responsible for the consequences.’  

Meanwhile, Turkey intends to set up its military bases worldwide, and the international analysts are claiming that the Erdogan regime is deploying its military in all the countries with an unstable government. Turkey has done the same thing in Libya, and as per these analysts, the deployment in Afghanistan is also a part of the same strategy. These analysts warned that Turkey could deploy mercenaries or even terrorists from Syria in Afghanistan, just like Libya. 

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