‘BBC’ documentary: Ukraine fighter jet shot down the Malaysian MH17

A Ukraine fighter jet shot down the ‘MH 17’ of the Malaysian Airlines in an air attack claims an eye witness. A documentary by the BBC, a British news channel shows a fighter aircraft attacking the MH 17. It was earlier alleged that the plane flying over Ukraine was hit by a Russian-made ‘Buk’ missile fired by Russian-backed rebels.

This documentary based on the MH 17 attack, made by the British News channel will be aired the world over in the next few days. But British media have already released the account of a woman who claims to have witnessed the incident. On 17th July 2014, the MH 17 was flying within Ukraine territorial limits. ‘Natasha Boronina’, an eye witness alleges that she saw two planes near this aircraft, of which one flew straight on and the other turned around to retreat when the MH 17 exploded. One of these two planes has downed the MH 17, she claimed.

Malysia plane‘Billy Six’, a German journalist interviewed about 100 witnesses, 7 of whom claim to have seen atleast one fighter jet. One of these 7 even alleges that a missile was fired from this fighter jet. However journalist Billy is of the opinion that the MH 17 was hit simultaneously by two separate rocket attacks from two jets. One fired a canon from the back into the cockpit and the other fired an air to air missile. The attack completely destroyed the passenger aircraft.

The Russian media had held the Ukrainian Captain Vladislav Voloshin responsible for the MH 17 attack. He however denied this allegation.

Ukraine too had later on got back at Russia claiming Russian-backed rebels in east Ukraine had shot down the airliner. These rebels, it is said, had used Russian made missiles for the purpose. But Russia dismissed these claims saying no shrapnel from a Buk missile was found at the site.

Meanwhile another theory claims that the tragedy was caused by a CIA backed plan. It is said that the CIA, the American Secret agency allegedly planted two bombs on the aircraft for which it had help from the Ukraine Secret Service.

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