‘Austria is not a ‘Waiting Room’ for migrants arriving in Germany’, Austria warns Merkel

Vienna : The Austrian Defense Minister bluntly criticized the policy adopted by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel concerning the migrants, saying that the policy is signifying extreme recklessness and also that Austria is not a ‘Waiting Room’ for the migrants arriving in Germany. In an interview given to the  Austrian newspaper ‘Krone’ on Thursday, the Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil condemned the German policy. Few months back, the Chancellor of Austria, Werner Faymann had signalled that Austria is not just a ‘ Distribution Hub’ of the migrants.


Austria is not a 'Waiting Room' for migrants arriving in GermanyGerman Chancellor Merkel has resolved to accept all the migrants by  announcing the ‘Open Door Policy’ for them. However there is severe annoyance with respect to this policy in Europe and many nations have denied to approve this policy. Eastern and Central European countries have even denied accepting their quota of migrants designated by the European Union. As a result, it can be seen that countries like Greece, Italy and Austria have to bear the burden of the migrants.

Last year when influx of migrants was barging into Europe, countries like Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark had approved the stance taken by Germany. However, with a phenomenal increase in the flood of migrants, now the nations supporting Germany have openly started opposing Germany’s viewpoint. The criticism made by the Austrian Defense Minister is also along the same lines.

Austria is not a 'Waiting Room' for migrants arriving in Germany

The Austrian Defense Minister has warned that the announcement made by the German Chancellor could not be the policy of Europe. Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil claimed that the announcement ‘We Can Do it’ made by the German Chancellor is a blunder, as it implies an invitation to the migrants. He also alleged that such announcements are detrimental for the entire Europe. At the same time, he also warned that Austria is not a ‘Waiting Room’ for the migrants arriving in Germany.

In the month of March, the Austrian Chancellor had also warned that it is only the responsibility of Germany to find a remedy to the problems of the migrants. At that time, Chancellor Faymann had also given a scathing advice that Germany, who is advocating the ‘Open Door Policy’ should fix the ‘Daily Quota’ of the migrants and it should only allow the migrants’ entry directly from Greece, Turkey and Jordan. The Chancellor had also specified that last year, Austria had accepted a staggering 90 thousand migrants and considering the financial state of the nation, this is a huge figure in comparison to Germany.

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