Indian Army instructs personnel to delete 89 apps

New Delhi: Indian government had banned 59 Chinese apps after the Galwan valley episode in Ladakh. Now, the Indian Army has instructed its soldiers to delete 89 other apps alongside these 59 with an immediate effect. The military sources have said that decision has been taken for security. Moreover, the personnel would have to face strict action if the instructions are not followed.   

The apps being banned by the Indian Army include Facebook, Instagram alongside Hike, Viber, Zoom, Truecaller and PUBG. The apps also include video calling, dating apps, music and a few e-commerce apps. Moreover, apps such as News Dog and Daily Hunt include the list. Besides, WhatsApp and Telegram have been allowed to us with some restrictions.  

15 July onwards, this ban will come into action. The enemy can procure sensitive information via these apps. Thus, the army sources clarified that using them poses a threat to the nation. Moreover, Pakistan and China intelligence agencies are targeting the Indian Army through social media. Besides, cases of honey trap have also emerged. Hence, it was decided upon against this background.   

So far, the Indian soldiers were allowed to use Facebook, but they were refrained from sharing their photo in uniform and also revealing the unit’s location. However, now the Army has been instructed to delete 89 apps along with Facebook and Instagram. Truecaller has expressed displeasure on this decision of the Indian Army. The company has claimed that the Truecaller data is safe and secured. 

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