Airforce movements increase at Ladakh border  

New Delhi: – Sukhoi-30MKI, MiG-29 fighter jets and Apache helicopters of the Indian Airforce are hovering at the Ladakh border, and the heavy transport aircrafts C-17 and IL-76 are expeditiously carrying supplies for the soldiers. China has appealed that both the countries should not make any moves, which can increase the tension on the border. But this time, India has issued a stern warning that the only acceptable option is unconditional withdrawal. Former Indian military officers and analysts are claiming that looking at the Indian aggression, China will have to keep bearing insults till the time China continues with the deployment at the border.  


Ladakh border

Following the Galwan Valley conflict, China started movements of fighter jets in the Ladakh border region. China tried to threaten that this could culminate into war. Thereafter, India activated its Airforce all along the Chinese border. Since the last few days, movements of the Airforce have increased in the Ladakh region. The media noted that there was a massive increase in the intensity of Airforce movements. Airforce fighter jets and equipment have been deployed on the Ladakh border, and a Wing Commander from the Airforce said that the Airforce is prepared for any eventuality. At the same time, naval speedboats are being deployed in the Pangong Tso. Indications are that these Indian preparations are increasing the Chinese concerns.   

China, who was threatening India and taking an arrogant stand in the border dispute, is now appealing to India not to fester the tension. At the same time, the realisation that bilateral cooperation is beneficial for both the countries seems to have suddenly come to China. Despite this, China is not willing to withdraw its military from the border. The Indian analysts are warning that China will keep facing insults, till the time it keeps the military at the border. The more annoying issue for China is that Indian activities against China on the military, economic and political fronts after 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in the cowardly attack by the Chinese soldiers on the Indian soldiers, are receiving active support from the international community.   

India is delivering the message to China that the border dispute and the conflict that will emerge from it will not be limited only to this region, and will spread to the entire Indian Ocean region. Reports have also been received that the Indian Navy is increasing its deployment on the Andaman-Nicobar island groups. This deployment of the Indian Navy becomes significant, because of the reports that Chinese warships are sailing in large numbers in the Indian Ocean. Indian analysts are frankly advising China should give up the thought of superseding India in the border region and unconditionally withdraw from the border. Whereas, Chinese President Xi Jinping has made the border dispute with India his prestige issue. Even the Chinese analysts have started accepting this fact. Chinese analysts have also recognised that the problem is making a huge impact, even on internal Chinese politics. 

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