Jammu and Ladakh to get legitimate representation in Jammu-Kashmir assembly, Union government starts the procedure for delimitation

New Delhi: The movement to represent Jammu and Ladakh region in the Jammu-Kashmir assembly, based on the criteria of population and area has begun. People from the region have heartily welcomed the developments. Till now, the number of constituencies was the highest in the Kashmir Valley. Therefore, people from the Ladakh and Jammu region were complaining of injustice being meted out to them. Against this background, satisfaction is being expressed over the moves initiated by the Union government.

Amit Shah, who recently took over as the Home Minister, held detailed discussions with Jammu-Kashmir Governor, Satyapal Malik and intelligence chief Rajeev Jain. It is said that the talks were about the delimitation of constituencies in the Jammu and Ladakh regions. Therefore, the number of constituencies in the Jammu and Ladakh regions will increase soon. This will ensure representation to both the provinces of the State, according to the population and area.

jammu and ladakh, union governmentAs per the 2011 census, the population of Jammu in 5 million 378 thousand and 538 whereas the area of Jammu is nearly 26% of the State of Jammu-Kashmir.

The population of Ladakh is 274 thousand, and 279, and Ladakh accounts for more than 58% of the State’s area. Whereas Kashmir Valley has a population of 6 million 888 thousand and 475 and Kashmir Valley occupies only 15.73% of the State’s area.

Given this, the number of constituencies in the Kashmir Valley stands at 46; there are 37 constituencies in Jammu and 4 in Ladakh. The decision regarding this had been taken in 1939. But after that, no delimitation of constituencies was done, despite being necessary. In this scenario, the people and leaders from Jammu and Ladakh said that the moves of the Union government are commendable. But the leaders in the Kashmir Valley have warned that they are opposed to this.

Currently, the Jammu-Kashmir assembly has been dissolved, and Governor Satyapal Malik is responsible for administration, in the State. In this situation, approval from the state assembly is not necessary. Some analysts have claimed that yet, this process is very complicated. Confidence is being expressed that if the Union government succeeds in implementing the process, the influence of the separatists will decrease, and the State will be better connected with the country. Even former military officials have endorsed the moves initiated by the Union government.

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