Afghanistan-Pakistan talks over border dispute fail

Islamabad, 21 June (Agencies)


afghan-pak-border-meetingPakistani Prime  Minister ‘s advisor, Sartaz Aziz announced that Pakistan will continue the construction on ‘Torkham’ border as it is Pakistan’s priority to control Afghanistan-Pakistan Borderline. Before the discussions between Afghanistan and Pakistan’s leaders, Aziz put forward Pakistan’s position which lead to a flop discussion. US senior commander to Afghanistan, General John Nicholson visited Pakistan’s Army Chief General Raheel Sharif to discuss the issue of Torkham border.

afghan-pak-torkham-Pakistan’s delegation put forward its role in front of Afghanistan in this meeting held on Monday at Islamabad. Pakistan’s delegates rejected Afghanistan’s request to stop construction near Torkham border. Pakistan had taken firm decision on building Gates near the border and instructed Afghanistan that they should change their stand. Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry’s secretary Ezaz Ahmed Choudhari informed that Pakistan will build four gates near  the border.

Before this meeting Sartaz Aziz also declined the request of Afghanistan on the Torkham border. He also said that very soon construction near this border will start and this will benefit both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Terrorist groups in Afghanistan are solely responsible for terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan is helpless in this matter, added Aziz.

But Afghanistan is not accepting Pakistan’s stand at all. Such construction in Afghanistan’s area is against international rules by claims  Afghanistan.  In addition to this Afghanistan’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil Karzai blamed Pakistan’s army for attacking  its border areas.

Pakistani Primes Minister Sharif’s advisor Sartaz Aziz asked Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani and National Security advisor Hanif Atmaar to be present for the conference arranged to discuss Torkham border issue.

As per the information given by Afghanistan’s National Security Committee’s spokesman Tawab Ghozang, Afghanistan accepted the invitation, but refused to send Afghan’s Foreign Minister and National Security Advisor to it. Instead, Afghanistan decided to send delegates under supervision of Deputy Foreign Minister Karzai. The reason behind this decision is not known.

Afghanistan is not giving attention to this meeting with Pakistan, said one of Pakistan’s leader on declining to disclose his name, and that’s the reason why Afghanistan send delegates under Karzai’s supervision, said the leader.

Last week at Afghanistan-Pakistan’s Torkham border conflict started, when Afghanistan’s army opposed the construction which started in this area. Pakistan’s army started firing first. In these four days of conflict four soldiers from both sides died and more than 20 got injured. Pakistan’s Major rank officer is among the dead. After this Pakistan decided to the close border and tried pressurizing Afghanistan. The transportation between these two countries  has got stuck due to this.

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