Bill to stop illegal immigration presented in the UK parliament; life imprisonment for trafficking illegal immigrants

London: – Home Minister Priti Patel has presented a harsh bill providing life imprisonment for the illegal immigrants intruding into the United Kingdom and human traffickers assisting illegal immigration. The United Kingdom is adopting a stern stand on the illegal immigrant issue since it exited the European Union. This bill is considered a part of the same strategy. While this bill is being presented, it has been exposed that more than 600 illegal immigrants have intruded into the United Kingdom through the English Channel.   


More than 8,000 illegal immigrants intruded into the United Kingdom in the last year. It has been exposed that more than 6,000 illegal immigrants have attempted intrusion, into the United Kingdom, in the first half of this year. Officials and analysts in the United Kingdom are warning that the number of illegal immigrants will cross the last year’s numbers in the next two months if this rate continues. The British government has adopted an aggressive stand against illegal immigrants, and the new bill is considered an essential stage of the same stand.   

In March, while announcing the British foreign policy, Foreign Minister Priti Patel had issued a stern warning that the illegal immigrants will have no place in the United Kingdom. After that, the British government has initiated an aggressive campaign by strengthening the security systems and other measures. Last month, the British Foreign Minister had issued a stern warning to social media to remove all the posts publicising the illegal immigrants and the human traffickers involved.   

Aggressive provisions have been made against the illegal intruders and criminal gangs in ‘The Nationality and Boarders Bill’, presented in the British parliament. There is a provision in the bill to send illegal immigrants to jail for four years. Border Force has been awarded additional powers to stop the illegal intrusions.   

The bill notes that if the application for asylum in the United Kingdom has been rejected, the immigrant will be immediately deported. Home Minister Priti Patel justified the bill saying, “The British population has consistently voted for having the control of the British agencies on the country’s borders. This new bill is a step taken to fulfil the wishes of the British population.” 

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