63 killed in Kabul Bomb blast

Kabul : 63 people have been died and 151 have been injured in the bomb blast carried out by Taliban in Kabul the capital of Afghanistan. Keeping in view the intensity of the blast it is feared that the death toll will rise further. This is the second terror attack in Kabul, in a week. Taliban has accepted the responsibility for the blast. The previous attack was apparently carried out by the Haqqani faction of the Taliban. There are clear indications that Pakistan will have to face a lot of hardships for allowing Taliban and Haqqani group operated from their land.

US, taliban, afghanistan,There was a horrific blast in an ambulance in Kabul on Saturday. There are many government buildings, embassies and the office of the European Union. The blast caused destruction to a lot of buildings in the surrounding area. 63 people have died in the blast and it is feared that more deaths will be reported. The suicide bomber used an ambulance as ambulances are generally exempt from the security checks. In spite of this the ambulance was stopped at one of the check posts. It was informed that they were taking a patient to the Jamuriat hospital. It is suspected that the patient in the ambulance was the suicide bomber.

Taliban has accepted the responsibility of the blast. The whole world has condemned the blast. India also has condemned the attack and expressed compassion towards the victims. There has been a terror attack on a five-star hotel in Kabul on January 20. 40 people were killed in that attack. There were 14 foreigners among the dead. The Afghanistan agencies have alleged that this attack was carried out by the Haqqani group belonging to Taliban. The US had severely reprimanded Pakistan after this.

Following this attack, the US had carried out a drone attack in Pakistan and killed three terrorists belonging to the ‘Haqqani network’ including one commander. It is expected that there will be a stronger reaction from the US and Afghanistan after this attack. The US is repeatedly stating that if Pakistan fails to take action against the terrorists trying to create instability in Afghanistan, US it will act on its own.

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