WEF 2018: President Trump endorses ‘America First’, says it is open for business

Davos: President Trump endorsed ‘America First’ policy, criticised the world over at the World Economic Forum. President Trump clarified that ‘”America First” does not mean America alone’ and at the same time America is open for business. President Trump also said that we are not opposed to the concept of free trade but expressed the hope that the trade should not be unilateral.


US, trump, WEF, economicIn the ‘World Economic Forum’ meeting held at Davos in Switzerland, main leaders in the world criticised the protectionist economic policies. Most of these countries were targeting the new US economic policy. President Trump has made changes to the US economic policy and has given preference to the employment of native Americans and the American industry. President Trump has warned even those countries, considered to be partner nations that henceforth, there cannot be unilateral transactions. President Trump has also taken the courageous decision to walk out from the agreements that were not in the interest of the American population.

President Trump strongly endorsed the economic policy known as ‘America First’ at Davos. President Trump put forth his stand in straight forward words, ‘I am responsible for guarding the interests of the American people and the leaders of the other nations are also doing the same’. Trump said ‘America First’ does not mean America alone. The whole world will benefit from the development and prosperity of America. At the same time, the American economy is progressing as a result of our economic policies and a prosperous America will again be a reality in the time to come.

‘There is no better time to bring your investments, your businesses and the employment opportunities that you can create for America.’ Appealed President Trump to the industries the world over. President Trump insisted that the US is not opposed to the free trade concept. He went on to remind that this trade should not be unilateral, it is expected that there is an equal positive response from the other side.

President Trump has been alleging that countries like China, deriving immense benefits from the trade with the US, are not willing to offer any concessions to the US. He has repeatedly warned about taking strict measures against this. President Trump presented his stand very strongly about this while speaking from the dais of the ‘World Economic Forum’. He also indicated that the US can again be a participant in the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership’ (TPP), in his speech.

The ‘TPP’ agreement between Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam seemed to be over after the US withdrawal. However, Japan and Australia have taken the initiative to fulfil the agreement. There is a new hope for the countries trying to work out the agreement because of the indications by President Trump, that there can be some compromise about the agreement.

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