50 US nukes in Turkey unsafe after attempted coup

Istanbul : The coup attempted by Turkish military rebels on Friday against the Erdogan government is giving rise to questions pertaining to the security of American nuclear bombs in Turkey. American soldiers have been posted at Turkey’s Incirlik Airbase where the nuclear bombs are stored. Last week Turkey closed this airbase after rebels took refuge here.  


Turkey had permitted the US to use Incirlik Airbase in the battle against the ISIS in Syria. For this purpose US had kept ‘F-16’ fighter planes and around 50 ‘B61’ category nuclear bombs at this airbase. These bombs can be launched from fighter planes. After the refuge of Turkish military rebels last week, serious concerns are being raised over the security of these nukes. 

United States has not clarified the reason behind the storing of nuclear bombs at Incirlik Airbase which is located close to the Syrian border. However it is said that US has stored around 180 such nukes at their bases in other European nations like Germany, Italy, Belgium and Netherlands.

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