23,000 suspected terrorists in UK

London : The shocking news that relates to terror threat in the UK after the recent terror attacks in the country have started surfacing. Shocking news published by UK’s daily ‘The Times’, have revealed that currently there are nearly 23,000 suspected terrorists in the UK. The daily has claimed that the said information has been given by the British administrative officials and the news has been published according to the report by the intelligence agencies. With this background, British Home Minister- Amber Rudd has indicated that the terrorists network involved in Manchester attack is still at large.

Incidents of terror attack near the Parliament in March followed by Manchester bombings within two months have thoroughly shaken the British system. The continuous terror attacks in the UK inspite of British intelligence and security agencies consistent action against terrorism have emerged intense reactions. On this background, important information about the terror threat to UK and the number of terrorists has come to light.

Prior to this, the statistics published by the British agencies said that there were around 3000 possible terrorists in the country. But apart from this, supporters of extremism have been categorized in a list called ‘Residual Risk’ round 20,000 suspects have been included in this list.

Khalid Masood, who carried out the attack near the Parliament and Salman Abedi who carried out the Manchester bombing, both featured in this list. Hence the extremists from this list will now be referred as possible and suspected terrorists. This new information has added to the number of potential terrorists while the analysts have claimed that this would prove to be a big challenge to the security forces and intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, the British agencies are still working on  the Manchester bombings. On Monday, a suspect was arrested from Sussex in connection with Manchester bombings and the total count of suspects in this terror attack has mounted to 16. Against this background Amber Rudd, the UK Home Minister, has expressed his concern that  few terrorists in the network associated with the bomber, Salman Abedi are still at large.

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