137 police personnel to protect every 1 lakh people in country

New Delhi: According to the information published by Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD), on an average, the country has about 137 police personnel to secure every one lakh people. It added that a total of 298 VIPs and VVIPs are also being provided central security cover.

As of now the actual strength of the police personnel per one lakh people is 137.11. On 1st January 2016, the strength of police personnel per one lakh people was 180.59. However, the police force actually available for the protection of people is comparatively less. 

According to the information presented in the Parliament, a total of 298 citizens are being provided special security cover  at Union level. Of the these 26 are under the top category of ‘Z+’, 58 under ‘Z’, 144 in ‘Y+’, 2 in ‘Y’ and 68 in the lowest categorisation of ‘X’. In addition to this, 14 personnel from ‘Z+’ category get a protection from ‘National Security Guard’ too.