Western experts increasingly pointing to Angela Merkel as a larger danger to Germany than ISIS

Francis-FukuyamaWarsaw : There is growing unrest against the German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the migrant issue, as she stays adamant on her ‘Open Door’ policy for migrants. European analysts have started criticizing and condemning her for the escalating turbulence. Francis Fukuyama an US political scientist and economist, has made some serious allegations against her, stating that Angela Merkel is more dangerous than the ISIS for Europe. Jacek Wrona, former Polish investigation officer,  and Dr. Rafal Brzeski, a military historian have cautioned that Germany and Europe will have to pay a heavy price because of the policies that have been incorporated by Chancellor Merkel.


There have been five dissimilar terror attacks in Germany between the 18th and the 26th of July, killing fifteen people in this very short span. Out of these five attacks, it is very evident that two of them were executed by the ISIS. It was after these attacks that an outrage against Merkel grew amongst the Germans. It is believed that the liberal migrant policy charted by Merkel is responsible for the increased number of terror attacks in the country. There are protests being carried out against her, wherein the German citizens are openly condemning the policies designed by Merkel. Slogans stating that ‘Merkel should go’ are being vociferously raised. Merkel has promptly announced that strict action will be taken against the terror attacks.With this announcement Merkel hopes to lessen the growing opposition against her. But then at the same time she has also clearly stated that the existing policies regarding the migrants will not be changed and has hinted that the migrants will always be welcome in Germany. 

This comment from Merkel has invited disapproval not only from Germany but also from the other European nations, as well as from US. In an interview given to the US daily ‘The Walt’, Mr. Francis Fukuyama, has alleged that Merkel is more dangerous than the ISIS. The fixed stance of even a few people with a headstrong attitude can pose a threat to the democratic system. It is expected from a country like Germany to work for the stability and prosperity of entire Europe. Mr.Fukuyama further added that inspite of working for the betterment of the Europeans, the inaccurate and risky policies made by Merkel are proving harmful for Europe and can lead to be very threatening.

Angela-MerkelFukuyama said that the wage policies adopted by chancellor Merkel have not yielded any results for Germany and Europe. Jacek Wrona, while addressing a conference said that Western Europe has become lifeless and also lost all its charm. He added that the current situation in Western Europe reminds one of the down fall of the Roman Empire. The migrants who are currently taking shelter in Germany, hail from a society that has no ideals and standards. Wrona made ruthless comments against the migrants, stating that they are like barbarian smugglers who have come only in search of material wealth. He added that the evasion of taking a politically hostile decision,would prove to be a huge menace for Germany and Europe.

Military historian Dr. Rafal Brzeski whilst speaking in the same conference confronted the government that Merkel is a part of.He stated that post the July terror attacks, Germany has applied a self-restriction on itself. Dr. Brzeski expressed deep concern over this and said that in the field of journalism, this kind of censorship is regarded very dangerous. This statement of Dr. Brzeski is being beheld very seriously as it is indicates that the German media and government are hiding some facts.

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