Russia prepared for friendly relations with NATO; invites NATO nations for talks


Moscow : While there are claims of a cold war between Russia, US and the NATO member nations, Russia has taken steps to improve its relations with NATO. Russia has proposed to hold a meeting with officials of NATO member nations next month. Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov released this information.

‘Meeting is planned in Moscow to discuss the political and military situation in Europe, for which the NATO representatives are invited. Despite the severe conflicts after the results of the NATO meeting in July, Russia is ready to have a constructive dialogue with NATO’ said Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov. He also indicated that both the sides will have discussions on the issue of ‘Co-operative Airspace’.

Russia prepared for friendly relations with NATO; invites NATO nations for talks

‘If NATO keeps it’s fighter planes operational in the Baltic Sea with ‘ID Transponders’, Russia is also ready to do the same. We are willing to review the programs related to military co-operation with NATO. NATO officials may be present as observers for the military drills planned by Russia in September’, said Deputy Defense Minister Antonov, while giving information about the positive initiatives taken by Russia.

This proposal put forward by Russia is considered to be extremely significant. If NATO accepts this Russian proposal, this will reduce the tensions between Russia and Europe. Since the past few months some of the European nations have expressed their displeasure against the stand taken to oppose Russia and have strongly demanded that the sanctions put on Russia due to the Ukraine crisis be lifted. Countries like Greece, Hungary, Germany, and Italy have given indications of collaborating with Russia.

Meanwhile US has taken a strong stand and maintained pressure on the European countries, to avoid developing more co-operation programs with Russia. US leadership has promised European nations huge military and financial aid to stay opposed to Russia. US have accepted to take the responsibility of the security of the European nations and increase the military deployment in the European nations through the medium of ‘NATO’. In this context, Russia’s new proposal will be helpful to reduce the pressure created by the US on the European nations.

Meanwhile, Russia has maintained its aggressive stand taken on the issue of Crimea peninsula, and has taken strong steps for its defense. Russia has planned to set up the Head Office of Navy’s ‘Black Sea Fleet’ in Crimea. Preparations are being made to make the Head Office operational by the year 2020, and as a part of this, 3 destroyers will be deployed in Crimea. Earlier Russia had indicated deployment of aerial anti-missile systems and nuclear missiles in Crimea.

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