Protests, discontent against Chancellor Merkel growing in Germany

Berlin: The discontent in Germany against the open door refugee policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel is getting more fervent by the day. On Saturday, thousands of protestors took to the streets in the German capital of Berlin shouting the ‘Merkel must go’ slogan to vent their ire. At the same time, results of a survey reveal that more than 65% of the German citizens believe that Chancellor Merkel’s handling of the migrant crisis has proved unsuccessful.


Even after it emerged that three of the four attacks were perpetrated by migrants, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in an address to the nation, stood firm by her open door policy pledging to welcome migrants. She has been at the receiving end of public fury especially as she has refused to budge on her stand although migrants have so obviously proved detrimental to the economy, the security and the social values as well.

On Saturday, right-wing groups in Germany organized demonstrations with calls of ‘Merkel must go’ to protest against Chancellor Merkel’s migrants policy. An estimated 5000 peopel are reported to have attended this rally. Moreover, protests asking Merkel to step down were staged in other parts of the country as well.

MerkelHuge banners with the slogans ‘Merkel destroys Germany’ and ‘Merkel must go’ were flashed in the rallies in Berlin. Over the last five months Chancellor Merkel has come under fire for her policy over migrants and the public response to the calls for her resignation is snowballing.

The results of a survey conducted in Germany by the pollster YouGov between 26th and 29th July reveal that more than 65% citizens disapprove of Chancellor Merkel’s policy thus endorsing very strongly, the above sentiment. The survey concludes Merkel’s failure at handling the migrant crisis. Over the last few days, Merkel’s policy has been receiving flak from German political circles as well.

In light of the increasing attacks in Germany, a large number of citizens have made requests to own weapons for self-defence. A statement issued by the Internal Security Department of the country reveals that this year, more than four hundred thousand citizens have applied for permits to own weapons for self-defence. 

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