Germany bends to Turkey’s blackmail says leaked Report of the British Ambassador to Germany

‘If Turkish citizens are refused ‘visa free’ travel to Europe, then lacs of refugees will enter in European countries’, the Turkish President has threatened. British ambassador to Germany expressed his anxiety that Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is being victimised by such blackmail, revealed the best-selling UK newspaper “The Daily Telegraph”.

erdogan merkelAngela Merkel is ready to cave in to Turkish “blackmail” and grant visa-free access to the Schengen zone for 75 million people. This is despite Turkish President Erdogan refusing to meet key EU conditions, according to a leaked cable from Britain’s ambassador in Berlin. 


Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood in the leaked diplomatic telegram (‘Diptel) wrote that the closed circle of Chancellor Merkel and her officials are ready to strike a compromise formulation with Turkey on the terrorism law. Majority of German citizens oppose this. 60 % citizens have protested  by voting against the issue of visa free travel to European countries. Irrespective of the public opinion, Merkel is preparing to give further concessions in order preserve the EU-Turkey deal.

turkey migrantsApprehensive of the public reaction in Germany and other European countries, Markel has begun to paint the deal in humanitarian terms. Sir Wood said that Merkel is hoping to keep Turkey on the table and carefully delay the deal until October.

Security agencies have warned that allowing approximately 7.5 crore Turkish citizens ‘visa free’ access into Europe is dangerous for EU security.  

European Union has been demanding that before fulfilling the Turkish plea for visa free access, Erdogan Government agree to certain conditions like amending its broad anti –terror laws.  EU has criticised Turkey for using its anti-terrorism laws to stifle dissent and suppress political opponents. President Erdogan is not in agreement and there are fears he will carry out his threat to ‘open the flood gates’ to Europe for migrants.

This has raised the anxiety of all European countries. British ministers are   warning that lacs of Turks will come to Britain, if British Prime Minister David Cameron seconds Turkey on EU membership. Meanwhile, the EU ambassador to Turkey who criticized the ‘blackmailing’ and dismissed constant criticism by President Erdogan, has resigned.

Discontent with new policies of the German Government

German Government has threatened that any refugee who absconds during their training period or in employment will be kicked out of Germany. Additionally huge penalties of minimum 30 thousand Euros are sought to be levied on the companies who do not employ refugees in the ratio determined.

Merkel Government is trying hard to train refugees for employment but unions of local employers as well as businessmen are opposing this. The rigid stand by the Government is raising strong discontent among them.



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