To fight terrorism Germany announces new anti-terror laws

To fight terrorism Germany announces new anti-terror laws

Berlin : With 2 terror attacks in a single week, Germany has announced a new plan of action against terrorism. This new plan includes measures like cancellation of the citizenship of persons involved in terrorist attacks, immediate deportation of foreign criminals, recognition of terror propaganda as a criminal offence, provision for interrogation of suspects of 14 years of age, expanding the police force and establishing a new cyber cell. The people of Germany have a feeling of intense umbrage against the terror attacks and blame the government under Angela Merkel to have failed to counter terrorism.


Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maizière, announced this new plan on Thursday. He said that citizens of Germany who are involved with foreign terrorist organisations and acts and have dual citizenship, their German citizenship will be cancelled and also now propaganda of terrorism will be a recognised as a criminal offence.

To fight terrorism Germany announces new anti-terror laws

The Minister of the Interior clarified that although no one can promise fool proof security, but efforts will be taken to do all that is possible. This new plan is a step towards safeguarding the people of Germany. According to this plan the process of deportation of foreign nationals is to be expedited. Maizière warned that no mercy will be shown to those foreign nationals who have produced fake documentation to stay in Germany. An independent ‘task force’ is being created for this.

The new plan includes steps to enhance and strengthen the police force. More than 3000 personnel will be recruited into the police forces. In addition to this, more than 1200 soldiers and officers will be recruited into the security forces. Police vigilance will be increased on railway stations and other public places. Ultramodern equipment is planned to be purchased for the police. The cities will have increased video-surveillance.

The German police will be given additional rights which include interrogation of suspects who have completed 14 years of age.Apart from this,an independent cyber defence unit will be created for the Police. In the coming year this unit will be established and will have approximately 400 officers and experts. A sum of €2 billion is allotted to the expansion and modernisation of police force.

Noting that the perpetrator of the attacks in the past month in Germany was found to be mentally-ill, the doctors have been called upon to disclose information to the police about the patients who are doubted to have links with terrorism.

Investigations have revealed the involvement of immigrants in the attacks in Germany. This has further intensified the German people’s feelings against immigrants. The nationwide protests and reactions in the political circles reveal discontent towards the Merkel government. Announcement of such a plan by the German Minister seems to be a part of calming this discontent.

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