Despite terror attacks Chancellor Merkel adamant on welcoming migrants to Germany

Berlin : The German chancellor Angela Merkel is still adamant on her ‘Open Door Policy’, despite the attacks that have been mastermind by the migrants. This decision has earned a lot of criticism for Ms. Merkel across the nation, and her resignation is being demanded. The members of the ruling party, as well as the members of the assembly have started speaking openly against Ms. Merkel.


Angela MerkelGermany has faced four attacks, including two terror attacks in the week of 18th to 24th July this year, and 12 individuals were killed during that period. It is clear that all the attacks were planned and executed by the migrants. Owing to these repeated attacks, the Chancellor Ms. Merkel returned back home half way through her tour, and made a special address to the nation on her return. During this address she has announced that there will be no change in the migrant policy, this is in spite of being alerted about the connection between the terrorist attack and the migrants.

Ms. Merkel while addressing the nation said that the terrorist are trying to break our unity, lifestyle, liberal attitude and will. The terrorist are trying to spread fear between religions and cultures .We should stand united against this strategy. Germany has always been firm on its basic values and will thus always stand to provide shelter to the needy.

She referred to the current terrorist attacks as fearful and tense. She assured the migrants that she was going to stick to the same policy of welcoming migrants from the Gulf countries. She on the other hand also guaranteed that Germany will build and expand vigilant systems to find the extremist and the terrorist amongst the migrants.

Germany-refugeesMs. Merkel’s announcement has earned her lot of criticism across Germany. It is infuriating the people that in spite of four terrorist attacks she has not yet visited even a single venue where the attacks have taken place. The German citizens are expressing their criticism through various messages on social media. Messages like “Where is Merkel”, “Merkel is hiding “are being spread rapidly. Some groups of people have even termed her as a ‘Traitor’, whereas some others are demanding her resignation.

Currently Ms. Merkel is facing a lot of criticism from the political circle within Germany and the members of the ruling party are openly talking against her.

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