Terror attacks in France & Germany create furore against migrant policies across Europe

slovakia-pM-ficoBern/Rome/Bratislava: The spate of terror attacks in France and Germany has sparked furore through Europe. Although Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany stands firm by her resolve to welcome migrants, other nations have begun to resort to a more aggressive stance on the issue. The Slovak Prime Minister has pointed to a direct connection between migrants and terrorism and Italy has launched a new campaign to check the flow of migrants.


Three terror attacks rocked Germany and France in the last ten days. It is now clear that IS, the terrorist outfit had a hand in all the three and two of these involved migrants. Although the ruling powers in France and in Germany have now adopted a cautious and alert stand, the public outcry is very emphatic. Moreover, nations that oppose the policy favouring migrants have also begun to voice aggressive dissent.

The Prime Minister of Slovakia has claimed that the migrant influx has a direct link with terror attacks. “The link between migrants and terrorism just cannot be denied. Potential terrorists could have used uncontrolled migration not only for passage to Europe but also to bring in weapons and explosives. Therefore in the times to come, terror attacks by individuals could rise and all because the circumstances make this a distinct possibility to reckon with” warned Prime Minister Fico.

The Slovak Prime Minister also made a sensational claim that there were about 300,000 migrants in the whole of Europe that security agencies were totally ignorant about. “Security agencies are in the dark about the background and intentions of these migrants. Some defence experts in Europe have warned about them. Anybody could have crossed the borders of Europe slipping into the hordes of illegal migrants. Who knows what they carry in their bags apart from food and clothes!” he alleged expressing concern that these migrants could include terrorists or could be carrying explosives.

Eastern Europe and nations of the Balkan region have expressed clear disapproval of the migrant policy adopted by the EU; Poland, Hungary and Slovakia are among these. These nations have not just opposed the policies of the EU but have also refused to determine quota of migrants. Some countries even decided to erect fences at the border to plug the inflow of migrants.

Whereas Germany has decided to keep its doors wide open for migrants Italy is all set to launch a new campaign to check the migrant influx. The internal security department of Italy and ‘The International Organization for Migration’ have come together to make this campaign possible. As part of this campaign the internet and the media are conveying to migrants, an explicit message that says ‘Aware Migrants’. This campaign that makes aware by means of social networking sites and smart phones, of the possible difficulties and risks of violence that migrants entering Europe illegally might have to face, has a funding of € 15,00,000.

The Italian Minister for Internal Affairs justified the campaign saying “We cannot be welcoming every migrant.” He added further that the problem of migrants in Europe was indeed an issue of conflict in important times and this new campaign was but a small part of the effort towards a solution. Also, about 300,000 migrants are reported to have entered Europe in the last seven months.

Meanwhile Switzerland has decided to revoke the dual citizenship of terrorists and for the purpose, has made changes in the ‘Civil Rights Bill’. The citizenship of terrorists, extremists and those associated with organized crime will be revoked. This law also includes expulsion from the country. A law on these lines had however, met with resistance in France, a country that has suffered several terror attacks.

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