US will not recognise Russian occupation of Crimea of Ukraine: US President Joe Biden

Washington: – In 2014, Russia acquired the Crimean Peninsula, which was a part of Ukraine. The United States will never recognise this occupation. US President Joe Biden announced that the United States would stand firm behind Ukraine, which is an ally of the United States. Intense protests are being held in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, by the extreme right-wing groups. It is claimed that Russia is supporting these protests. Against this background, the warning issued by the US President to Russia becomes significant.   

After taking over as the President of the United States, Biden said that China is a competitor and Russia was the biggest adversary of the United States. Analysts said that President Biden has clarified his foreign policy with this. Former President Trump had adopted policies against China, saying that China is a bigger threat to the United States than Russia. But Biden has changed this policy and seems to have initiated aggressive steps against Russia. He has said that Russia is the biggest adversary of the United States.   

ukraine-russia-us-bidenPresident Biden and his colleagues warn that the previous administration had kneeled down in front of Russia and this administration will not be doing that. The warning issued by President Biden to Russia over Ukraine demonstrates this. In 2014, Russia severed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine and annexed it to itself. Major repercussions had been felt of this action. The then US President Barack Obama had even imposed sanctions against Russia. But neither the United States nor any other country, showed the guts to retaliate against the Russian military action.   

Seven years have passed since then, but President Biden is raising this issue once again. The United States will never recognise the illegal Russian occupation of Crimea. Biden asserted that the United States will stand firm with its ally, Ukraine, against Russia. While President Biden is showering this criticism on Russia, Secretary of State Blinken claimed that the increasing Russian intolerance and oppression of freedom of expression is dangerous. Alexi Navalny, who challenged the Russian President is currently in prison. The US Secretary of State expressed strong concerns over the situation in Russia, citing this example.  

President Biden seems to be targeting Russia over the issues such as oppression of freedom of expression and actions against the opponents. The Biden administration is unwilling to take a similar harsh stand against China, which is trampling human rights and carrying out a genocide of the Uyghurs. The opponents of President Joe Biden are pointing to this contradiction. The Biden administration has not been able to come up with a satisfactory explanation regarding this. 

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