Israel will not tolerate the attack on its cargo ship, warn Israeli officials

Tel Aviv: – Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz accused Iran of the mysterious explosion on the cargo ship belonging to an Israeli company in the Gulf of Oman. But Gantz clarified that no stand would be taken unless a thorough inquiry has been carried out in the matter. But Israel will not remain silent after this attack. Senior Israeli officials are warning that Israel will not tolerate an attack on its ship.  

israel-shipsTwo days ago, there had been a mysterious explosion on the Israeli cargo ship Helios Ray while sailing through the Gulf of Oman. No organisation has accepted the responsibility for the explosion. But Israeli Defence Minister Benny Gantz expressed a suspicion that Iran was behind the explosion while talking to a local news agency.   

Gantz clarified, ‘Iran is desperate to target the Israeli population and interests. Therefore, it is certain that Iran will have any involvement in this explosion. But an investigation is on, regarding the explosion, and Israel will present its stand only after a thorough investigation.’ An Israeli news agency claimed, citing an official from the security agency, that Iranian Revolutionary guards launched two missile attacks on the Israeli cargo ship. This has not been confirmed on the official level.   

Israel will not remain silent after the attack on a ship of Israeli ownership. The Israeli official warned that Israel would punish the offenders when the time is right. Meanwhile, an Iranian news channel has published detailed information regarding the damages suffered by the Israeli ship. At the same time, it has been said that the US and Israeli investigation teams will soon land in Dubai.   

Meanwhile, Iran had targeted ships from the US allies sailing through the Persian Gulf in 2019. 

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