The US would increase intervention in Europe to stop Russia signaled US Senator John McCain

Washington : The senior members of the US parliament have given indications to increase the interventions in Europe to stop Russia’s growing belligerenceBy declaring the policy of the US during an interview, the chief of the US Parliament’s ’Senate Armed Services Committee’, John McCain said that the attention will be focused on the ‘Balkan’ countries. Just a few days back McCain was on the tour of the European countries.

McCain informed that ‘A few old problems and some new tensions have generated in Europe and it has become essential that the US pays attention to it. The attention of the US was diverted to Ukraine, Gulf countries and China. At the same time Russia was trying to increase its influence in Europe. The rebels trapped in a country like Montenegro is the best example of this’. This time he also criticized the leadership of the US and the Europe.

The US Senator also accused that due to the negligence of the leadership of the US and the Europe, Russia is active to increase its influence in countries like Serbia and Macedonia. McCain expressed his displeasure by stating ‘We have fought wars in that region. These wars have also caused huge loss of lives. Thereafter in the last few years we have ignored it’. While trying to draw attention to the situation in Macedonia by mentioning the events of the World War, McCain also gave indications of a probable conflict.

‘The disintegration of a country like Macedonia will be of nobody’s interest. We must not forget the killings that took place on one of the bridges of a city like Sarajevo had sparked two World wars. I’m not predicting a world war or new conflicts however the tension is increasing and the situation is increasingly getting worse’, the US Senator drew attention to this. While giving indications of the probable activities of the US in Europe, McCain gave example of the ‘The European Reassurance Initiative’ announced in the year 2014.

The former President Barack Obama had stressed on increasing political activities and military aid in Europe through this policy. Under ‘The European Reassurance Initiative’ the US has increased its military deployments in Poland and the ‘Ballistic’ countries and these countries have been provided with huge amount of defense materials. For this purpose, a provision of a staggering 3.4 billion dollars has also been made Mr. McCain presented a persistent stance that there should be recurrence of exactly similar type of policy for Balkan countries as well.

By citing about the aggressive activities of Russia, the US Senator claimed the ‘Balkan’ region to be currently the most restless region in Europe. Against the backdrop of this claim made by the US Senator, Estonia adjoining the Russian border has given a new signal. Estonia expressed fear that Russia is going to participate in a mega war drill in Belarus and through this drill Russia would permanently deploy its military. This permanent deployment by Russia would prove to be a threat to NATO, warned the defense ministers of Estonia.

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