US to focus on threat from Russia and China, says Defence Secretary James Mattis

Washington: The US Defence Secretary, James Mattis, has announced the ‘National Defence Strategy’ with a special focus on the threat from Russia and China. While announcing the long-term defence policy, for the first time in 10 years, there are indications of attaching more importance to ‘Increasing Power struggle among big nations’ than terrorism. Russia and China have strongly criticised this US policy.


threat-from-Russia-ChinaUS Defence Secretary James Mattis, announced ‘National Defence Strategy’ on Saturday. Defence Secretary Mattis also warned “The war on terror will continue but the US defence policy will have a major focus on the power struggle heating up among the big nations. Countries like Russia and China are trying to realign the world to favour their dictatorial regimes. The powers trying to bring about these changes are a threat to the US.’

The US Defence Secretary openly accepted the competition, in the near future, between the US, Russia and China with his words ‘the US defence policy does not have a view point for conflict with any country. But at the same time, it emphasises that competition among the big powers is a reality’. Mattis also indicated that although the US armed forces are powerful, their domination is being challenged in all the war zones.

Secretary of Defense James MattisThe US defence policy mentions the pressures exerted on the neighbouring countries by China and Russia. ‘China is exerting pressure using its financial might. At the same time, there is a lot of movement for militarisation of the South China Sea. Russia has violated the borders with its neighbouring countries and is interfering with their governance.’ The two countries were targeted saying this.

Besides Russia and China, Iran, North Korea and terrorism were mentioned in the defence policy. During the Barak Obama regime, it was said that the ‘effects of the Climate change’ are detrimental to the US security. But the new policy has no mention of that. US Senator John McCain has welcomed the new policy.

China and Russia have reacted strongly to the ‘National Defence Strategy’ announced by US. The Chinese embassy in US has criticised the policy saying ‘China wants international partnership and not superiority. But some countries are still looking with the cold war mindset and taking stance of resistance. This mindset will never aid peace and progress’.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has also expressed displeasure over the US defence policy and has alleged that the US is taking a viewpoint of conflict.

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