Arrival of first UAE Ambassador to Israel marks a crucial chapter of Israel-UAE cooperation

Tel Aviv: – The First Ambassador of the United Aram Emirates (UAE), Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja, reached Israel on Monday. Khaja visited Rivlin, the Israeli President and presented his credentials. This becomes an important development in UAE-Israel cooperation. The Israeli Ambassador has already taken Charge in Abu Dhabi. Last year, in September, UAE and Israel established cooperation between UAE and Israel brokered by the former US President Donald Trump. Over the past few months, both countries have taken some important decisions in view of this cooperation. These include the discussions regarding a Road Corridor between UAE and Israel to streamline the two countries’ freight movement. In contrast, the tourism sector in both countries has gained momentum.   

The next stage of the cooperation is the countries’ announcement to appoint Ambassadors, activating their embassies. Accordingly, Eitan Na’eh will serve as charge d’affaires for Israel in the UAE until a permanent ambassador is appointed. Whereas, UAE announced the appointment of Khaja as the Ambassador for its embassy in Tel Aviv. Khaja reached Israel with his staff on Monday.   

Israeli Ambassador Eitan Na’eh welcomed the development. At this time, the UAE Ambassador met the Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi. Thereafter, in the afternoon, Khaja met Israeli President Rivlin and presented his credentials. On Tuesday, the UAE Ambassador is scheduled to meet even the Israeli Defence Minister Bennie Gantz.   

Diplomatic, trade and economic relations are developing between Israel and the UAE. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be visiting UAE in the next few weeks to provide further impetus to these relations. This visit was expected to be in March. But the Israeli Prime Minister was forced to postpone the visit in view of the increasing Coronavirus cases in the country.  

Meanwhile, Jordan and Egypt have already set up their embassies in Israel. Bahrain, which also has established cooperation with Israel, may soon open its embassy in Tel Aviv.   

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