US, which is engaged in nuclear talks with Iran, must stop it from being nuclear-armed, demands Saudi Arabia

Jeddah/Paris: – Saudi Arabia has demanded, ‘Saudi Arabia is not interested in creating obstacles or stopping the nuclear deal. But the United States, who is discussing the nuclear deal with Iran, must ensure that Iran does not get nuclear weapons or develop the capability to make nuclear weapons.’ Iran has announced taking the Uranium enrichment process to 60% against the indirect talks being held in Vienna regarding the nuclear deal. This Iranian announcement has created a sensation, and the United Kingdom, France and Germany have expressed severe concerns. In this scenario, Saudi Arabia seems to have issued a warning to the Biden administration with this demand.  

nuclear-deal-us-iranA week has been completed for the indirect talks between the United States and Iran in Vienna. Iran is firm on its demand that all the sanctions should be lifted. Iran has taken the stand that it will not join the 2015 nuclear deal unless all the sanctions imposed against it are withdrawn. At the same time, Iran has increased its nuclear program’s speed tremendously, and President Hassan Rouhani announced that the level of uranium enrichment would be taken to 60%.  

Within a few hours of the announcement, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also accepted that Iran has reached the level of taking uranium enrichment to 60%. IAEA clarified that Iran would achieve this target in the next few days. Israel and Saudi Arabia are criticising that taking the uranium enrichment level to 60% is a blatant violation of the 2015 nuclear deal. As per the agreement signed six years ago, Iran was to keep the Uranium enrichment level only at 3.67%. In this scenario, the Israeli media is claiming that the Iranian nuclear program’s speed is worrisome.   

Taking cognisance of this Iranian announcement, Saudi Arabia has forwarded the demand to the United States. The Saudi Arabian foreign ministry warned, ‘The new nuclear deal should keep Iran tied down for a long period. The United States will be entirely responsible for ensuring that Iran cannot make nuclear weapons and even should not be able to develop the capability to build nuclear weapons.’  

Saudi Arabia has demanded that the concerned agreement should also have a provision to dismantle the Iranian missile program and the support given to the terrorist organisations in the Gulf sector. Saudi Arabia once again made the demand that the countries from the region should be a part of the negotiation for the nuclear deal. Even in the past, Saudi Arabia had made a demand with the Biden administration that the Gulf countries should be a part of the discussions with Iran. But the Biden administration had ignored the need.  

The E-3 countries from Europe, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have also expressed concerns over the Iranian nuclear program’s speed. The E-3 countries have criticised that the Iranian decision to take uranium enrichment to 60% is not based on credible reasoning. Meanwhile, while all the US allies are attacking the Iranian announcement, the Biden administration is firm on negotiating with Iran. 

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