Saudi Arabia and Bahrain agree on countering Iran-Turkey influence

Manama: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will be making joint efforts to counter the Iranian interference and Turkish expansionism in the Gulf sector. The Saudi Arabian foreign ministry has announced this. This cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain seems to have developed against the background of the increasing Iranian and Turkish interference in Iraq, Syria and the Persian Gulf.

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain concur to counter Iran-Turkey influenceThree days ago, Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan visited Bahrain. Prince Faisal held a meeting with Bahrain Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad. Saudi Arabian foreign ministry informed that regional and international developments were discussed during the meeting held in the Riffa Al-Zaher palace. It was agreed in the meeting to take joint steps to counter the increasing Iranian influence and Turkish expansionism in the Arab and Gulf countries.

Bahrain Crown Prince said, ‘Interests of both the countries are faced with identical challenges. Therefore, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will have to join hands to counter the challenges and for the security of their interests.’ Prince Salman cited the historical relations between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain at this time.

This cooperation is necessary for the security and stability of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. This cooperation will also help in taking a stand on bilateral and international issues. The Saudi Arabian foreign ministry announced that both countries concurred on this issue. After that, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister met Bahrain’s Foreign Minister, Abdullatif Al Zayani. These talks were held under the Saudi Arabian – Bahrain Coordination Council.

Saudi Arabia has expressed concern over the Iranian interference in the Arab-Gulf countries even in the past. Iran is increasing its influence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Palestine. Saudi Arabia is accusing that Iran-affiliated terrorist organisations from Yemen and Iraq pose a threat to its security. A meeting was recently held between Saudi Arabia and Iraq regarding the Iran-affiliated terrorist organisations in Iraq. The relations between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who have the ambition to lead the Arab-Islamic world, have been tremendously strained.

Iran and Turkey had showered severe criticism on Bahrain for signing the Abraham agreement with Israel. Both the countries threatened Bahrain with dire consequences for signing the contract. Against this background, the importance of this meeting between the senior leaders of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain seems to have increased further.

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