US President Joe Biden says Iran’s uranium enrichment unhelpful for nuclear talks

Washington/Tehran: – Iran has taken uranium enrichment to 60%, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Iran could take it to 90%. Although having a liberal attitude towards Iran, US President Joe Biden has also expressed concerns over the announcement. President Biden said that this uranium enrichment by Iran would not help the nuclear talks being held in Vienna. President Biden has expressed satisfaction that despite this, Iran is still participating in the nuclear negotiations.   

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, infuriated by the attack on the Natanz nuclear project, had announced that uranium enrichment would be taken to 60% level. Rouhani announced that advanced IR-6 centrifuges would be used for this purpose. The Iranian President had also threatened to take uranium enrichment to 90%.   

iran-uranium-nuclear-talksThe international media is pointing out that Iran taking the uranium enrichment level to 60% is a blatant violation of the 2015 nuclear deal. As per the said agreement, Iran is supposed to limit uranium enrichment only to 3.67%. But it is claimed that Iran has added to the tension in the Gulf by speeding up the uranium enrichment and activating new centrifuges.   

Oli Henonin, a former official at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), warned that if the speed of enrichment is maintained, Iran will soon reach the enrichment level necessary for a nuclear bomb. Scientists and analysts claim that it is required to take uranium enrichment to 90% to make a nuclear bomb. In this situation, the warning issued by Henonin becomes a cause for concern.  

In this scenario, even US President Biden has expressed concerns regarding Iran taking uranium enrichment to 60%. Biden said, ‘The recent step taken by Iran is against the nuclear deal. The United States does not support this Iranian step, and this Iranian step will not be in the interest of the nuclear deal.’ On Friday, President Biden announced that Iran, staying in the indirect discussions for the nuclear deal despite this, is a matter of satisfaction for the United States. Biden has adopted a very liberal stand regarding the Iran nuclear deal.   

The indirect talks regarding the nuclear deal between Iran and the United States in the presence of the other permanent members of the UN Security Council are continuing on the 12th day. Nothing much has emerged from the talks. The Biden administration has demanded that Iran stop all the nuclear program activities and join the nuclear deal. Whereas Iran has asserted that it will not accept any conditions of the United States unless all the sanctions imposed against Iran are lifted. 

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