US imposes fresh sanctions against Russia, accusing of cyberattacks and interference in elections

Washington: – US President Joe Biden signed an ordinance expelling nearly ten Russian diplomats from the United States and imposing sanctions against 30 Russian officials and institutions. The White House informed that these actions had been taken because of the SolarWinds cyberattack and Russian interference in the US elections. Clear indications were being received that the United States will take some action against Russia. The White House claimed that the United States delivered a fitting message to Russia, creating instability on the international level. A new conflict has been sparked between the United States and Russia, and a vitriolic reaction is expected from Russia regarding the sanctions.   

us-new-sanctions-russiaThe Biden administration had accused that Russia was behind the SolarWinds cyberattack. As per the US officials, Russian hackers had stolen data from nine agencies connected to US security. The United States had threatened Russia with dire consequences. Biden administration is also accusing Russia of interfering in the Presidential elections held a few months ago. As per the Biden administration, Russia interfered to ensure a victory for former President Donald Trump. Russia has denied both the accusations and has said that there is no evidence to prove them.  

The Biden administration is also making other severe allegations against Russia. It was accused that Russia had made preparations to announce rewards for the Taliban to kill US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. As per the US officials, this is a very sensitive issue related to security and cannot be elaborated further. Russia had lashed out at the United States, terming this accusation too, as baseless. The subsequent US action will undoubtedly increase the tension between the two countries. The United States has imposed sanctions against 30 Russian individuals and institutions. Along with this, the United States has decided to expel ten Russian diplomats from the country.  

Simultaneously, restrictions have been imposed on the purchase of Russian debt bonds by US companies. Concerns are being expressed on the international level that with President Biden’s action against Russia, the efforts initiated to reduce the tension between the two countries will go in vain. Mainly because of the Russian military movements on the Ukraine border, dialogue needed to be opened between the United States and Russia. But the process is threatened with this new development.   

A few days ago, US President Biden had announced that he was willing to open a dialogue with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Russia has announced that now these talks are not possible. There are indications that the United States will soon face a Russian retaliation. 

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