French Embassy asks its national to leave ‘dangerous’ Pakistan

Islamabad: – There is a major threat to the French citizens and the French interests in Pakistan. Thus, the French embassy in Pakistan instructed the French citizens in Pakistan to leave the country. Since Monday, violent protests have started in Pakistan; besides, the protestors have seemingly held the entire country at ransom. The supporters of the organisation Terrik-e-Labaik started the protests. Pakistan cabinet has included the organisation in the list of terrorist organisations and imposed a ban against it.   

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, had promised to expel the French Ambassador from the country. However, this was not implemented. The Labaik supporters played havoc in the country because the Pakistan government arrested their leader, who tried to follow up on this announcement. The support received by them is increasing by the day. The terrorist organisation Tehrik-e-Taliban, carrying out saboteur activities in Pakistan, has declared support to Labaik. Pakistan security agencies are panicking with this announcement and concerns are being expressed that a major crisis is staring Pakistan in the face.   

Last year, in November, Imran Khan government had accepted the French Ambassador’s expulsion from the country during its discussions with Labaik. The protests were stopped believing in the government’s promise. But a Labaik leader had accused that the Pakistan government is not keeping its world despite written assurance. The Labaik leader was arrested when he warned of intense protests against this. Infuriated Labaik supporters demonstrated their strength by taking to the streets in Pakistan to protest. The protests have turned violent and the Labaik supporters have attacked the police in the Punjab and other Pakistani provinces. After that, the Pakistan government announced a ban on the organisation. The Pakistan ministers are threatening stern action against the protestors in the future. But the support received by Labaik is increasing by the day and it is being claimed that stopping the protests is beyond the government’s capacity. The media express concerns that leave aside the government; now, it will be difficult even for the military to control the protests. Pakistani analysts are raising a basic question as to why did the Pakistan government gave the assurance to expel the French Ambassador to this extremist organisation.  

This has created anarchy in Pakistan and the situation is such that even the Imran Khan government may collapse. The Imran Khan government is worried that if the French Ambassador is expelled, the other European Union member countries will also sever diplomatic ties with Pakistan. This could be lethal for Pakistan, currently languishing in the grey list of the Financial Action Task Force. The Pakistan government is saying that, therefore, this action cannot be executed. But the Pakistan government has no answer to the question that when it was aware that this was not possible, why did it give assurances to the protestors.   

The repercussions are being felt even on social media and Pakistan is facing a lot of embarrassment. Pakistan media have started confessing to this. After the 26th January protests in India, the Pakistani press and social media had a field day criticising and commenting against India. Indian netizens are reminding Pakistan of that. Pointing out that the protests in Pakistan are much more dangerous than the ones in India, the Indian netizens are lambasting the hate India brigade in Pakistan.   

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