US should discuss with Middle East countries before signing a fresh nuclear deal with Iran: Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal

Manama: – President-elect Joe Biden has indicated a revival of the Iran nuclear deal, after taking over as the President of the United States, in the next month. Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud said that the United States should take advice from Saudi and the other Middle Eastern countries; he warned that the nuclear deal could not be sustainable without taking those countries into confidence. Prince Faisal said that the European countries also should include Arab countries in the process of discussions.   


Joe Biden Last week, while talking to the US media, Joe Biden clarified that the United States was open to signing a fresh nuclear agreement with Iran. Along with the deal, he also indicated regarding softening of sanctions imposed against Iran. Biden proposed that Iran should accept a few conditions. US analysts have welcomed the proposal, forwarded by Biden. These analysts also expressed a possibility of revival of the nuclear deal signed in the year 2015. Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries had not reacted on the Biden proposal and the demand made by Iran. But while speaking at the meeting organised by the ‘International Institute for Strategic Studies’, at Manama in Bahrain, Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud, warned that it is necessary to have detailed discussions with Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries and even their advice should be sought, while carrying out any negotiations with Iran regarding the nuclear deal.   

Prince Faisal reminded of the consequences of the previous nuclear deal. He said that a realistic nuclear deal can be reached only with the involvement of the Arab countries, in the process. Furthermore, he reminded that everyone has experienced what happens after signing the JCPOA agreement with Iran. If the regional countries are not involved in the agreement, it gives rise to mistrust. Important issues are ignored and this has a direct effect on security. Joe Biden had clarified that discussions would be held with the Arab allies while holding talks with Iran. But Prince Faisal said that Biden had still not established any contact with Saudi Arabia.   

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