Russian President’s explosive message for ‘wisdom’

Third World WarMoscow:  Concerns are expressed from around the world over the possibility of a war between the United States and Russia over the Syrian issue. The leaders and the military officials of both the countries have warned that they are prepared for the war. But President Putin, who had been issuing strong statements against United States and Britain, seems to have given a very ‘cool’ reaction today. ‘There is anarchy all over the world. But I believe that wisdom will prevail even in this situation,’ said President Putin.


‘No country is safe from a Russian missile attack. Russia will destroy the whole world if a nuclear attack happens on Russia’, these were the threats that President Putin has been issuing in the last few weeks. United States, Senior British leaders and the military officers had indicated that these threats were real. The Russian President had sternly warned Britain and also the United States not to test Russia’s patience, after the poisoning of former Russian agent Sergei Skripal in Britain. But at a time when United States, Britain and France are preparing for an attack on Syria, the Russian President is found to be speaking in a soft and sane language.

‘There is anarchy in the world and the relations between countries have reached destructive levels. But even in these circumstances Russia believes that wisdom will prevail. Therefore, Russia will continue to work on world and regional security,’ said President Putin. Russia has taken an official stand that if United States launches missiles on Syria, Russia will shoot them down and retaliate. In other words, Russia means to say that an attack on Syria will be considered an attack on Russia. Despite all of this, the language of wisdom suddenly used by the Russian President has attracted the attention of experts.

‘The Russian President has not at all softened his stand. Instead, he has hardened his stand is what can be concluded from his statements. The steps Russia will take to protect Syria will be necessary for international stability and security. There cannot be any backtracking on this,’ said the Russian President. ‘But if the United States and its allies take action against the Russian movements, then it will not be an act of ‘wisdom’. Because that will start a sequence of horrible events and no sane leader or country will let it happen’, is argument behind President Putin’s statements.

Therefore, the statements made by President Putin may appear ‘soft’ and ‘cool’ on appearance, but there are clear indications of an explosive and destructive message in its subtlety.

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