US-China trade war could culminate into war, warns senior US statesman Henry Kissinger

Third World WarBeijing: “If a conflict is permitted to run unconstrained, the outcome could be even worse than it was in Europe. World War I broke out because of a relatively minor crisis … and today the weapons are more powerful,” warned former US Secretary of State and senior Statesman Henry Kissinger.


While addressing the symposium ‘Bloomberg New Economy Forum’, organised in Beijing, Kissinger said the entire world, including the United States, is still in the foothills of the cold war. “After the period of relative tension between the US and China due to the trade war, there will be efforts to find reasons behind it and both countries would to try to overcome it,” is the hope expressed by the US statesman. Kissinger also advised, “Thinking from my point of view, no opportunity can be allowed to pass, saying that it is too late.”

US-China trade war could culminate into war, warns senior US statesman Henry KissingerFormer Secretary of State indicated that the economic conflicts between the United States and China would continue, saying, “China is a major economic power, and so is the United States. And so we are bound to step on each other’s toes all over the world.” Kissinger reminded that during the cold war between the United States and Russia, the stress was on limiting nuclear capabilities.

The senior US statesman pointed out that such a solution may not be possible in the US-China conflict. “All the previous conflicts between the United States and China were indirect and of low intensity. Therefore, no framework can be decided to find a solution with China as a military power. If the United States and China decide to confront each other on every issue, it will prove to be very dangerous for the human race,” is the concern expressed by Kissinger at this time.

He also indicated that the negotiations between the United States and China regarding the trade war could become an option for solutions in other conflicts. At this time, he also mentioned the tension created between the two countries over the Hongkong issue. Clarifying that Hongkong was a sensitive issue, Kissinger underlined that this too could be resolved through negotiations.

A few days ago, Kissinger had issued a final warning regarding the possible conflict between the United States and China, during an event in the United States. It never happened before that two significant countries in different parts of the universe were in similar positions. But they must understand that a permanent conflict between them could not be won and would end in “a catastrophic outcome” for both the United States and China, warned Kissinger during an event organised by the National Committee on US-China Relations.

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