US and China will establish new economic ties putting trade war behind them: Senior Statesman Henry Kissinger

Third World WarWashington: While the US-China trade war intensifies, senior US Statesman Henry Kissinger has forecast the trade war would soon end. Kissinger said the United States and China would put the dispute behind them and start a new economic relationship. He made the statement while speaking at an event of the think tank, the ‘National Committee on US-China Relations’. He is the Vice-President of the committee.

Claims by Kissinger, who is aged 95 and has a significant political experience appear to indicate the US-China trade war would end soon. Although US President Trump has dropped hints of intensifying the trade war, China seems to have adopted a soft stand in the matter. China has officially proclaimed that no one would emerge victorious in the trade war. However, Kissinger’s statements show signs of both countries putting the trade war behind and developing a new economic relationship.

US, china, kissinger, trade warKissinger was speaking at the end of the year conference of the ‘National Committee on US-China Relations’.’ The United States and China could find an alternative mutually beneficial for both and end the trade war. Nevertheless, the 90-day timeline may prove insufficient for it,’ Kissinger said. At the same time, he pointed out that other countries were taking advantage of the dispute between the United States and China, which are the world’s top two economies.

‘It becomes rather important as to how the two countries resolve the matters amicably in the new economic environment as opposed to how the United States and China would resolve the trade war. Disputes always occur between any two countries. Even so, the United States and China would find ways to develop bilateral economic relations,’ said Kissinger as he expressed faith in the matter. Henry Kissinger, who has held coveted posts of the US Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor during the cold war period, had succeeded to turn China, which was then a Russian ally, on the US side.

The United States could, therefore, surpass the USSR, riding on Kissinger’s statesmanship and emerged victorious in the cold war, which is now history. Thus, Kissinger is referred to as the founder of the advanced US foreign policy. Even today, Kissinger asserts that the trade war between the United States and China would end and both the countries would establish new relationships on the economic level. Furthermore, Kissinger inferred on the US-China relations with his statement, ‘This is not my dream but a statement keeping the reality in view. To attain the objectives of stability and development, cooperation between the United States and China is a necessity.’

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