Donald Trump’s historic victory in US elections, defeating Hilary Clinton

Washington : Republican Party candidate Donald Trump stunned everyone, winning the US elections which was being eyed upon by the whole world. The US media had claimed that Hilary Clinton would quite easily defeat Trump in this election. Putting to rest all these speculations, the US voters ensured an undisputed victory for Trump. ‘E-mail’ controversy and the failure during President Obama’s tenure, are considered to be the prime reasons for Clinton’s defeat. At the same time, the mandate given by the US voters to Trump, having absolutely no political experience, is said to be an anti-incumbency vote against the current US political regime.


Donald Trump’s historic victory in US elections

With this victory of Trump, the Republican Party has established its control over the US Parliament gaining majority. Trump had taken an aggressive stand against the entry of Islamic community into the US and the exploitation of the US by China in the bilateral trade.

Although the American people have supported his stand, his opponents were criticizing that his stand is politically immature. Donald Trump had face the opposition of his own party members also. However, the US voters elected Trump casting 48% votes in his favour and handed him victory in 278 seats; while Hilary Clinton could secure 218 seats. After his victory, Trump thanked the US voters for showing their trust and all those who supported him. The assistance of even those who opposed him, will also be sought for the nation’s uplift, said Trump. Trump also assured that he will strive to make the US once again powerful and rich; and will prove that the faith shown in him by the people is not out of place.

All political equations in the US seem to have changed due to the victory of Trump. The downfall in the US share market and the disruptions in the financial transactions point towards the same. At the same time, Clinton supporters have not yet recovered from the shocking defeat and are expressing their discontent by setting ablaze the US national flag and protesting against Trump.

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