Donald Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton, demands her imprisonment

Donald Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton, demands her imprisonment

Washington : The U.S. presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump criticises Hillary Clinton and stated that he is taking his gloves off to fight against Hillary and that he would no longer be the “Mr Nice Guy” around. The criticism is seen as a response to Hillary’s comment on Trump of being mentally unstable and an irresponsible man.


In a recently concluded convention of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton formally accepted the nomination of the U.S. presidential candidate. During the convention, Hillary Clinton criticized her opponent Donald Trump to be unfit for taking responsibility to lead America. Hillary also criticized Trump of being volatile, hot tempered and also accused Trump on creating a divide amongst the U.S. society.

Donald Trump criticizes Hillary Clinton, demands her imprisonment

In response to Hillary’s criticism, Donald Trump at a Republican convention reacted sharply and stated, “In my previous speeches I’ve been saying; let’s just defeat her on 8th November, however everyone has been demanding the arrest of Hillary and I’m starting to agree. I’ve been nice but after Hillary’s speech last night, I don’t have to be so nice anymore. I’m taking the gloves off”. Trump also rated Hillary’s speech, while accepting her nomination, as “average” and mentioned that Hillary does not have any credential apart from being the first woman candidate and that Hillary as a person is not suitable as the U.S. President. Trump also reiterated his own credential to be the U.S. President and assured that the U.S. would have an opportunity in future to have a woman U.S. President.

Post formal acceptance of candidatures, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have mutually criticized each other. The criticism is expected to escalate and be sharper in the coming weeks. Post acceptance of candidature, there has been a marginal percentage improvement in supporters of Hillary Clinton, as per recent surveys.

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