Strong attempts to overthrow Trump regime, CIA and Obama Administration take lead

Washington: Analysts have warned that the US Intelligence Agency, the ‘CIA’ along with a group of officials working with the former President Barack Obama’s administration have initiated strong attempts to overthrow President Donald Trump’s regime. There were claims made in this context in an article published on and also in an interview telecast on the US news channel, ‘Fox News’. It has now come to light that the members of the US Congress from the Democratic party were also pressurised to campaign against Trump.


In an article written for ‘Fox News’, former ‘CIA‘ agent and analyst, Bryan Dean Wright informed that a big group from the Intelligence Agency is working against President Trump. The group of officials from the CIA have outlined a conspiracy against the President beyond law and constitution which amounts to treason, accused Mr. Wright. The article bears information that some have made speeches on how they are free to take action under the pretext of having more knowledge about foreign policy and national security than the President.

Bryan Dean Wright who himself is a member of the Democratic party, expressed his fear over incidents like these that would cause unrest and put the future of the US in additional danger. He also made an appeal that while taking any action against President Trump the Constitution needs to be followed and in future elections, the Democratic party should elect the candidate by making more preparations. Information has been obtained that the CIA officials are taking law into their hands and making speeches  about putting the President in prison. Mr. Wright has expressed his clear displeasure over it.

While there were warnings being given by the ‘CIA’ agent regarding Trump, the US’s leading talk show host, Rush Limbaugh also made an allegation that a conspiracy was at play to topple President Trump’s regime. In his interview with ‘Fox News’, Limbaugh claimed that a group of officials linked with the former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were behind this. Limbaugh referred to this group as the ‘Deep State’ and has said it included the ‘CIA’, the ‘NSA’ along with officials working with leading agencies in the administration.

During the interview, Limbaugh warned that the ‘Deep State’ group is working towards toppling Trump’s regime by doing everything possible and attempting to cause sabotage. He also accused the same group to be behind the confidential information leak against President Trump and the officials from his administration in the last few days. It is also being said that one of the leaders of Trump’s Republican party, Mr Bill Kristol made a statement that he would support the ‘Deep State’ instead of the ‘Trump Regime‘.

Meanwhile, in some of the regions in the US, it has come to the fore that a campaign named ‘We Will Replace You’ has been initiated. Through this campaign, a warning to defeat the members of the US Congress who belong to the Democratic party but support Trump was being given.

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