Big Blow to Trump as his bill to repeal Obamacare fails

Washington : All the efforts of President Trump to discard ex-President Obama’s ‘Health Care Act‘ and bring  a new law in its place have failed. President Trump and Republican Party politician Paul Ryan had drafted an independent bill named “American Health Care Act”. As this bill was severely opposed from within the Republican Party, the voting process for this bill was discarded even before it could be put forth in the Parliament. This bill which had been an important part of the Republican Party campaign, getting discarded even before it could make it to the Parliament, is considered a huge blow to President Trump.


It is said that the radical group in the Republican Party known as the “conservative cocks” hammered down the efforts to present the bill in Parliament. In the Parliament the Republican Party politician Paul Ryan, had taken special efforts for this new bill. But sources claim, that due to the opposition within his own party, he had to take a decision of not presenting the bill in Parliament. As per  information provided by the US media, around 30 members from within the Republican Party had strongly opposed this bill.

While reacting to this issue the Republican Party leader Paul Ryan expressed that it had been a disappointing day for them but he would not give any justifications. It is difficult to do big things and it would take some time for him and the party members to understand why this happened. They would certainly think about  how to  handle  the issue of the  bill in a better way.

President Trump however blamed the Democrats’ lack of support for the new bill to be presented in the Parliament. Trump stated further that the Chairperson Paul Ryan had taken tremendous efforts. But  for some time now the ‘ObamaCare’ would continue to function. If in future the conduct of the Democrats remain good, and if both the parties come together, then, a better health care act could be implemented. However, through the sequence of events he could learn on issues like convictions and the voting process.

Today, the Republican Party stands in majority in the US Parliament. For a bill to pass in the Lower House in the Parliament more than 215 votes was a necessity. But the Members of the Parliament showed a strong opposition to the bill and gave indications that they will vote the bill out. Hence to avoid the humiliation of defeat the bill had to be withdrawn.

To pass the bill in the Parliament, one day grace was requested. In this period, President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence Chairperson Paul Ryan tried to convince the Party Members to give consent to  pass the bill. But many members opposed the present bill on contention that the present bill and ‘ObamaCare‘ were  more or less similar.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party politician Nancy Pelosi and former Minister of External Affairs Hillary Clinton, said that the rejection of President Trump’s bill is a victory of the American people. The political analysts  feel that the very first defeat of Trump is a big blow to  his tenure in office.

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