Trump and Putin vow to co-operate in fight against IS

Washington/Moscow– President Trump and Russian President Putin recently had a telephonic discussion for an hour to improve their bilateral relations. The White House has described the call as a ‘good start’. Both the leaders discussed and agreed on how the two countries can work together to combat ‘IS’ in Syria and other terrorists organizations.  

putinLast week after assuming President’s office, Donald Trump had a telephonic conversation with important world leaders. However, the analysts around the world and the international media was focused on the conversation of the US President with Russia. Trump’s opponents had accused Russia of helping Trump in the US election and also speculating Trump to impose Russia driven policy on the US. Due to all the allegations and speculations the US-Russia discussion was prominently focused upon.

The White House confirmed a prolonged telephonic conversation on 28th January between the US President and the Russian President. The discussion was mainly on combating terrorist organisation ‘IS’ in Syria. The White House also informed that both the leaders agreed to increase co-operation to combat ‘IS’ in Syria and to establish peace in the world along with Syria. Russian government also confirmed the agreement of both leaders on issues such as development, justice and bilateral co-operation.

The conversation between President Trump and President Putin was very positive and was a good start to improvise the ties between the two countries, informed the White House. Going further, both the leaders agreed to be in touch with each other. Apart from this, other topics like Israel-Palestine stalled peace talk, Iran’s nuclear program and the nuclear deal along with Ukraine issue are also said to be discussed in the conversation.

The White House replied no when a US journalist questioned whether there was a discussion about the sanctions imposed by the US on Russia, However, has assured of efforts to improve economic ties with Russia. Also the Russian government confirmed that the meeting of both the Presidents will take place soon and  dates will be finalized for the same.

During the tenure of former US President Barack Obama, the bilateral relations with Russia were extremely strained. Obama administration had imposed economic sanctions after Russia occupied Ukrainian territory of Crimea. Also there were stark difference in opinions of both the countries over conflict in Syria. The US government wanted the Syrian President Assad to be out of power, however he received support from Russia which changed the dynamics in Syria. Post this, the US declined its participation in fight against ‘IS’ along with Russia.

However, newly elected President Trump has given the world a message of their change in policy by announcing co-operation to Russia in the fight against ‘IS’. Also President Trump has issued orders to Pentagon to present a plan in the next 30 days to finish off ‘IS’ completely. Earlier accusations were made that the US was not serious to combat the ‘IS’ and was only using to topple the present government in Syria. On this backdrop, President Trump orders indicates a fundamental change in the US policy.

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