100 pro-Assad fighters killed in US attack on Syria

Washington/Beirut/Moscow: 100 soldiers fighting for the Assad regime have been killed in the US airstrike in the eastern region of ‘Deir al-Zour’ in Syria. Iranian soldiers and the Hezbollah terrorists are fighting for saving the Assad rule in Syria. It is still not clear if any of these were among the dead, in the US attack. The US officials have made it clear that these attacks are in retaliation of the attacks by the Syrian army on the pro-US rebels in Syria and the Kurdish groups. Russia has criticised the US attacks.


syria, assad, russia, usThe Syrian army is carrying out these attacks to free the parts under control of the Syrian rebels in the ‘Euphrates’ river region in ‘Deir al-Zour’. The Syrian army attacked the Kurdish rebel locations and the headquarters of the pro-US Syrian rebels, the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’. The US official has criticised these attacks, with tanks and fighter jets, as irresponsible. In reply, the United States carried out attacks on the Syrian military and the assisting forces in the ‘Deir al-Zour’ region. According to the US official, the military action was in self-defence.

The conflict started by the Assad regime in the ‘Deir al-Zour’ region had soldiers from the Iranian ‘Al-Quds’; terrorists from pro-Iranian Hezbollah in Lebanon; and soldiers from the pro-Iranian groups from Afghanistan and Iraq along with the Syrian army. There is a possibility that the supporter groups of Syria have suffered heavy losses in the US action.

There is a severe reaction from Russia about the US attacks. ‘Whatever may be the reasons given by the US officials, this US action was irresponsible and illegal. US has once again violated the sovereignty of Syria.’, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov alleged. Senator Franz Klintsevich, the First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Defence and Security Committee, has criticised the US attacks.

‘The US action in not within the legal framework. This is aggression’, alleged Klintsevich. ‘US had never attacked openly in Syria until now, so this action is totally different’, Klintsevich has blamed. Assad regime is testing chemical weapons in Syria. US had warned a few days ago that they will attack Syria, to stop the regime. The attack on ‘Deir al-Zour’ is an indication of the realisation of the warning.

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