Al Qaeda and Bin Laden were raised by the United States, says Russian President Vladimir Putin

Washington :The interview of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, taken by the renowned Hollywood director Oliver Stone, has been broadcast on TV channels in US. The Russian President has made a scathing attack on US in the interview, which has gained a lot of publicity in US. Today, the US which has proclaimed war against the terrorists has nurtured ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’ reminded President Putin. Likewise, the evidence of US’s support to ‘Chechen Terrorists’ was available with Russia said the Russian President in the interview.


Vladimir Putin hit back at US saying, it was the US which encouraged ‘Al Qaeda’ and ‘Osama Bin Laden’ against the Soviet Russia which was fighting a war in Afghanistan. However some time later, the US lost control on Al Qaeda and Laden and both turned against the US. That is how things happen. He added, that the friends in US must own up the responsibility of creating this dread of terrorists. He further claimed, that the terrorists in Chechen, which is a provincial part of Russia have been supported by the US, and which Russia could back up with evidence.  

President Putin further provided information saying that the US Secret Service Agency, the ‘CIA’ had been openly in contact with the terrorists in Chechen. This was known world-wide, and ‘CIA’ too had acknowledged it. As an open political support was provided it requires no evidence to prove it. However, ‘CIA’s’ backing was not merely a political one but ‘CIA’ had provided the terrorists with money and other aids, the evidence of which has been available with Russia. Putin said that the then US President, George Bush had been provided with the information and he had agreed to look into the matter. But a letter was received from the US saying that there would be no change in the long term policy of US.

In a strong criticism against the US, Putin said that the US has been continuously committing grave mistakes. Attempts made by US to shatter Russian economy or topple Russian Government show that US lacks  foresight. It clearly shows that US cannot see beyond the next 20 to 25 years. A policy of keeping Russia under control would boomerang on US itself. Putin added, that US has a lot of misunderstanding about its capabilities and is under a false hope that nothing will ever get backfired on it.

Putin said in the interview, that once a nation commits a mistake its efficiency and effectiveness come down. A wrong decision taken once brings in a series of wrong decisions and the nation gets caught in a vicious circle and US presently is in a grip of this cycle. There has been a lot of criticism in the US media against the interview. Attempts have been made to blame Oliver Stone for trying to elevate the Russian President. Some have questioned in US that a calm and cold blooded person with blood on his hands has been given a good publicity. In replying to the criticism, Oliver Stone made it clear that he observed Putin as a head of a nation and had confronted Putin with challenges.     

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